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Strategy & Execution

Company Performance is driven by 2 things: Strategy & Execution.

About TJS: We are a group of a dedicated business consultant who is passionate to help IT companies to lead Digital technology industry. We help you making Business Strategy and execution guidelines for all your business units. We have success stories of more than 100+ fortune IT companies whom we consulted in the past 3 years. We help IT Startup companies too which have 10-200 employees to streamline their business operation. We are confident to make all our business Clients succeed in the coming up financial year.

  • We have a proven strategy to help IT companies to grow to the next level. We help IT companies to generate more revenue with a proven strategy and utilizing resources efficiently and effectively. We are sure you can grow your business.

  • We provide proven business process for the IT department, Marketing department, Human Resource, and Account department to have a smooth business operation. We make sure your IT startup manage fund smoothly.

  • We provide project management consultancy using Agile principles and Scrum methodology. We will train all resource on methodology and provide standard tools and templates for each process.

  • We provide talent resource to client on time with flexible EMI options. We assure candidate performance at work with TJS consulting technique. Hire talented IT resource from TJS candidate pools.

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